The Mighty Company.

Los Angeles-based luxury outerwear brand The Mighty Company was founded in 2016 by visual artist Jessie Willner, with the intent to create collectible pieces that could last a lifetime. This led to the leather jacket: an irreplaceable item with a permanent place in your wardrobe, cherished for decades and passed down through the generations.

Inspired by the vibrancy of the ‘90s West Coast, the collection captures a color palette of subtle psychedelia. Every material is specially developed with techniques ranging from ombré hand-dyeing to resilient foil coating, ensuring the end result is something unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The exacted techniques of construction go through the most stringent quality control to produce an unrivaled quality, and ensure the garment’s ability to endure and age well with time.

Every silhouette is based on timeless outerwear shapes reimagined; that vintage trench you will never get rid of, your Dad’s nylon windbreaker in all those ‘80s photos, or that cropped biker that got you through your favorite memories. Every style is focused on combining the classic (in shape and fit), with the out-of-the-ordinary (in material and color).

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