Diary Entry 4

Man Repeller

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Man Repeller recorded what I look like when, on those rare occasions, I actually leave the confines of my studio. 

"Jessie Willner’s closet will make you view color in a whole new light. It will inspire you to push all wintry navy and black to the back of your closet and reconsider that thing you said about how the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is done — which may be true in indie rom-com movies, but when it comes to clothes? Hell no. Willner, a visual artist and the one-woman show behind The Mighty Company, a collection of limited edition jackets that launches this Thursday, May 19, has such a command of the prism system that you almost suspect she’s in cahoots with the My Little Pony mafia.

But no, she isn’t. That isn’t a thing. She’s simply based in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, proof that sometimes, all it takes to inspire creativity is a bit of colorful California sunshine."

To see the whole article and read my really cool auto-biographical narration, click here.

Wearing the Vannes & Montpellier jackets.

Jessie Willner
Jessie Willner
Jessie Willner
Jessie Willner


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