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The Mighty Company


The Mighty Company is a Los Angeles-based jacket collection, born out of the mind of visual artist Jessie Willner. With a desire to combine the timeless and the unique, The Permanent Collection was created to redefine the classic jacket silhouettes in luxury materials, while breaking all the rules of the fashion industry by throwing out standard pricing structure and transcending the archetypal fashion seasons.

The Mighty Company


Jessie set out to reimagine an immortal item in fashion: the jacket. Wanting to make something permanent and not passing, timeless and not disposable, the jacket became the best candidate. She designed the jackets she dreamed in her imagination, a world inspired by 17th century France, the brilliant colorful atmospheres of Post-Impressionism, 1950’s Teddy Boys and beautiful 1960’s wide-eyed ingénues.

Once she illustrated the collection, she researched and traveled to find the finest materials from around the world to create an unparalleled quality within the line. This manifested in the careful construction and the attention to detail, all shaped from flawless leathers in league with distinct metallic tweeds that are delicately woven into a color palette that feels both psychedelic and subtle.

The Mighty Company


Something happened along the way. As she went through the process of creating the collection, she realized the field of luxury was lacking something inherent to the artist lifestyle she was accustomed to — transparency.

Dealing with the typical markups and margins of the classic retail model, she realized that every brand has a choice when determining their pricing: Margin or fairness to their customer. Opting to pick her customer, she decided to go a more unconventional route and take a primarily direct-to-consumer approach, with only unique and creative partnerships with select retailers. This strategy allowed The Mighty Company to offer an honest price, without sacrificing the supreme quality, ethical production and masterful care put into each jacket.

The Mighty Company


With an unconventional start, we will break as many rules as needed to make a collection that is as rare as the girl in it. We are not shy about our ambitions. It is the job of the forward-thinker to change the world. They are not complacent. They are rebellious.

We want you to change the world. And look perfect while doing it.

The Mighty Company


8020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11:00 - 7:00
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