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The One Thing You'll Never
See Kendall or Gigi Wear


Wonder who's behind some of this summer's biggest style trends? That would be Monica Rose, the woman currently dressing Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and a handful of other influential trendsetters in fashion right now. She jumpstarted lampshading, our current concert T-shirt obsession, and more. But, while there are plenty of looks she's putting on the map, have you ever wondered what she won't put on a client? There seems to be one item that will never fly for the stylist: flip-flops.

Yes, that's right, your average off-duty sandals are a no-go for Rose, who has shared in interviews with Nylon and Harper's Bazaar, that you shouldn't expect to see her or her clients in the casual shoe. And while that doesn't mean Kendall and Gigi have never worn them before, we can safely say we don't expect to see any candid shots of them wearing flip-flops any time soon. So what are the It models' go-to footwear choices instead? Check out some of Kendall's and Gigi's sandal choices, and shop the looks yourself if you're ready to swear off flip-flops too.