One Designer is Changing Fashion
One Jacket at a Time


You might think that starting a fashion company would be the furthest thing from the mind of a 24-year-old artist living in Los Angeles. But that's exactly what Jessie Willner, the self-taught designer ard founder of The Mighty Company, did last week when she launched a line of classic jackets re-worked in metallic leather and tweed.

As the erergetic and bubbly Willner explains, her attraction 70 fashion was similar to that of art. "When done right, you can create this tangible, functional, 3-dimensional thing that can stir one's emotions," she says.

Willner's "honest luxury" approach to fashion is what sets her apart from many other budding designers. For one, she believes in selling directly to her customers online which is exactly what she's doing, starting today, at a special shop-in-shop event at Curve, the women's boutique in Los Angeles.