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Gigi Hadid, Like Us, Has Fallen Hard For This Trend


Gigi Hadid doesn't hesitate to repeat the trends she loves, as evidenced by her fondness of chokers and certain outfit formulas that crop up again and again. In the past few seasons, a big recurring theme in the Hadid style book has been to wear her name on her sleeve — or, more precisely, on her jacket.

The customization trend has hit fashion hard over the last few seasons, with everyone from Gucci to J.Crew hopping on the personalization bandwagon. And Hadid has been repping, well, herself with her clothes for some time now. She helped popularize Dresshirt's embroidered button-downs, after all. When she hasn't been outfit twinning this summer, Vogue's latest cover girl has been adding to her collection of Gigi-branded wares. Hey, it's the easiest way to ensure your friends don't "borrow" your clothing.

In the past few month alone, we've seen Hadid in numerous takes on the recent bespoke wave, each one cooler than the past. Check out some of the most notable instances in the slideshow, ahead.

The model took a D.I.Y. approach on this white bomber from The Mighty Company. "Gigi" is embroidered in script on the front, and looked pretty standard. But then the back was decked out with a cheeky drawn-over Adidas logo — with an "h" scribbled on and the "-as" crossed out, thus spelling out her last name.