These 6 Brands Are Taking Customization to the Next Level


In an age where social media and personal branding reign supreme, the popularity of customization comes as no surprise.
For the past few years, everyday shoppers and celebrities alike have been buying into the craze, at major fashion houses like Gucci, which debuted personalized handbags and bomber jackets this past year, and brands like J.Crew and Levi's who up-sell monogramming on virtually everything they offer.
It feels safe to say the trend has shifted from come-and-go fad to a thriving, permanent category. But rather than just slapping an initial on a sweater, some brands are now willing and able to communicate directly with costumers, working in tandem to create collaborative and totally customized, one-of-a-kind pieces.
From designing perfectly distressed jeans to building an entire handbag from scratch, the possibilities are proving endless.
Here, six brands that specialize in making things your way.

The Mighty Company
In the occasion that you're feeling really splurgy (like, really) look no further than The Mighty Company, a Los Angeles-based jacket collection launched by visual artist and designer Jessie Willner. Alongside its permanent collection, the line offers some wildly cool (and equally expensive) custom pieces. You can opt for just words, which run you just under $1,000, or go really next level by adding a hand-painted portrait, studs, fringe, even neon lights, all on the luxury leather jacket of your choice.