Buy the Best Holiday Gifts From These 3 Unique NYC Shops

There will be no average presents found here


Put down the socks and don’t even consider buying another gift card. Make 2016 the year that you deliver in the gift department, to your boyfriend, your aunt and even your estranged cousin. But rather than just returning to your usual haunts of Barneys/Opening Ceremony/Diptyque, make the act of buying a gift an actual experience.

Right now, New York is chock full of boutiques that have taken the average shopping experience to a whole different level. Here are three of our favorite must-visit shops for stellar gifts…


If you’re in the market for a stylish gift that no one else could possibly get their hands on, head to this holiday pop-up, where every item is customizable. Located just next to Intermix’s Meatpacking boutique at 810 Washington Street, shoppers can only stop by between 4-7 p.m. to personalize items such as Edie Parker clutches, Eugenia Kim toppers and 3×1 Jeans.

“In a market that’s over-saturated today, consumers are looking for pieces that are unique and personal…We want the experience of shopping to be as much fun as owning something no one else will have,” explained Intermix President Jyothi Rao. So if you want to buy yourself a custom leather jacket from The Mighty, along with one for your BFF, this is definitely the time to do so. Plus, most designers behind the participating labels will be on hand, offering expert advice and helping you select the most ideal gift for this season.

Though the pop-up officially opened Monday, kicking off with Fleur du Mal lingerie and Fallon chokers, it will remain open for the next five days. Here’s the planned scheduling for the remainder of the week:

Wednesday, 12/7: The Mighty Company: Leather Jackets
Thursday, 12/8: Ariel Gordon: Fine Jewelry
Friday, 12/9: Edie Parker: Acrylic Clutches
Saturday, 12/10: 3×1: Premium Denim
Sunday, 12/11: Eugenia Kim: Handmade Hats