Natalie Off Duty




I can still hear the Christmas carols playing whether I’m walking down 5th Avenue or when strolling down the local mall. Every year and every season just goes by so fast. The crazy buzz of gift giving has finally settled, and now it’s actually time for vacation mode. Boy was picking gifts for my special someones extra stressful this season. My go-to gift every season, for any occasion actually, is fragrance. Each of my friends has a scent. My girly gal pals prefer something subtle with a floral accent for the day, and something more musky for night. The men in my life like something fresh but still masculine. This one by Armani is a mix of Mediterranean air and sun. A beautiful blend of fruit, herb, and wood. What did you unwrap this holiday?

// Armani Acqua di Gio fragrance, The 2 Bandits earrings, The Mighty Co. leather jacket //