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Gigi Hadid Brings The Leather Jacket to a Whole New Level


Celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas breaks down the steps to achieving the supermodel's retro curls with old school rollers.
Gigi Hadid is as well known for her street style as she is her work on the runway, her current Vogue cover, or the numerous ad campaigns she fronts. So when the supermodel slash social media star emerged in an Instagram post last week with her famous blonde mane set in large, pink, retro style rollers, the world, of course, took notice.

Between the rollers, her round Perverse sunglasses and black-and-white leather Mighty Company jacket with her name emblazoned on the front (even her name, Gigi, sounds straight out of a 1950s beach teen flick), she was directly channeling a Pink Lady with a touch of her trademark '90s look in the form of a Versace choker.

The image also revealed how she gets her hair to bombshell status on a consistent basis. But if you were born post-hot roller or even pink spongy snap roller era, then winding the hair around coke can-sized barrels can seem puzzling.