15 Secrets Every Woman With Amazing Hair Color Knows


Play Up Your Natural Color

"I became a compulsive hair-colorer when I was 14, and I would constantly volley between dying my extremely thick hair platinum and black, stopping at every shade in between. This habit bled into my adult years, until a few years ago when I stopped dying it completely. I can now safely say I’ve been off the (dye) bottle for three years. That gave it time to regain its health and grow out. And time for me to condition it with coconut oil after every wash—I let it soak in for a few minutes, keeping it away from my roots, and wash about half of it out; leaving the rest as a pseudo leave-in conditioner. Now I love to let the sun enhance the natural color when I can, which brings out subtle red highlights." —Jessie Willner, Owner of The Mighty Company