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Wearable works of art! Why YOU won't be able to live without one of these A-list-approved jackets that are so hip even the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio and Gigi Hadid can't resist them


In a world of fast fashion, it's not easy to find garments designed to last a lifetime.

But that's exactly what Jessie Willner (pictured right), founder of The Mighty Company, set out to do two years ago.

Her objective? To create wearable works of art.

To do this, she focuses solely on the creation of outerwear crafted from the finest materials.

Today (just in time for festival season!) TMC launches their spring collection of jackets, complete with high-end motos, unique bomber-styles and denim toppers. Here, get to know the designer and the A-list approved brand.

Hollywood approved: In two short years, The Mighty Company has garnered an A-list following, including stylish stars Alessandra Ambrosio, Gigi Hadid and Zendaya. Alessandra was spotted last year at Coachella in outerwear from the brand

Being a child of the internet generation, Jessie taught herself graphic design and coding at the age 12.

By the time she finished high school (at the young age of 16) she was taking on freelance graphic design projects which eventually led her to fashion.

'In visual art, everything is so permanent,' said Jessie.

'You don’t buy a piece of art you’re passionate about and just discard it in a few years. You pass it on generationally, or you give it to a best friend, or donate it to a cause you care about.

'In fashion, it’s often the opposite. You have an industry monopolized by temporary or fast fashion. Even if you buy the highest quality designer button-down, you love it and wear it to death, eventually it wears down and you get rid of it.'

'I wanted to make something long lasting. In keeping with this idea, I realized it's very hard to get rid of your favorite leather jacket. You treasure it.

'So then I thought - what if I can take it a step further and create a collection of unique pieces that become collectibles in one's closet?'

To design garments which challenged everything about the industry status quo; from construction and craftsmanship to eliminating unnecessary markups, is how The Mighty Company was born.

'I’m really particular when it comes to materials. I source them from everywhere, and that’s usually the most painstaking part of the design process.

'All of our leathers come from Italy and all of our woven fabrics are custom made at the famous French mill Malhia Kent. A lot of consumers don’t know the particulars of what superior materials consist of, but they can feel it when they put it on and that’s what I’m after.'

Leather jacket season: Today (just in time for festival season!) the brand launches their spring/summer 2018 collection, complete with high-end motos, unique bomber-styles and denim toppers

In two short years, The Mighty Company has garnered a hot A-list following, including stylish stars Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Zendaya and Ashley Benson.

And it's no surprise, as Jessie's creations are like none other. 'I try to design jackets that I need in my closet but I can’t find anywhere else.'

'That includes silhouettes like The RCR, which was inspired by '70s men’s vintage biker jackets. There wasn’t anything amazing like that in the market for women, so we made it.'

Aside from the jackets' statement-making aesthetic, perfect fit and buttery soft touch, Jessie believes the beauty of her outerwear lies in the details.

'They’re the least obvious thing about the jackets, so they’re like my little secret. In some of the pieces I hid features like phone and wallet pockets and lipstick holders; others have special stitching that you may notice one day, or different custom engraved hardware, etc.

'Those little details are as if I got to leave a little note in each jacket.'

Personalize it: The Mighty Company also offers customization. Gigi Hadid, 22, stepped out wearing a white and black colorblocked topper from the brand that read Gigi on the front and 'hadidas' on the back — a play on the athletic brand Adidas

The Mighty Company offers customization.

Gigi Hadid, 22, stepped out wearing a black and white topper from the brand that read Gigi on the front and 'hadidas' on the back — a play on the athletic brand Adidas.

When it comes to personalization, the sky's the limit! 'We do all hand-painting in-house, so we can create anything,' explained the designer.

Complimentary painting of a word or phrase is offered to in-store shoppers; and the service can be added to online purchases.

Finding a jacket that you truly adore is as fateful as finding your soul mate...and nearly as unforgettable as a bad boy lover.

'It takes a tremendous amount of work to make the perfect staple jacket that a woman wants to live in. And it’s no secret that I’m always drawn towards color, but the perfect black leather jacket is like that best guy friend who you take for granted, and then find the "happily ever after" ending with.'

'My brand purposefully offers a range with two distinct ends – classics on one and bold and striking on the other; it’s like that so anyone can find their perfect match.'

And while Jessie's creations will set you back about $1,000 – they're timeless pieces that you'll cherish forever.

'Leather jackets are always relevant; and something that can stick around like that is inherently cool.'

We can't all say that about our significant other.