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She's a knockout! Kate Upton shows off her toned curves in a sporty bikini as she shares workout secrets in Shape cover shoot


Shining star: Kate Upton covers the September issue of Shape magazine in a silver jacket from The Mighty Company

She's got one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood.

And Kate Upton shared the secret to maintaining her dangerous curves as she posed in a smouldering cover shoot for September's issue of Shape magazine.

Sharing her diet and fitness tips with the publication, the model, 25, showed off her incredible physique in sporty underwear in a series of stunning shots.

The actress displayed her sensational shape in a selection of athletic ensembles, including a silver jacket from The Mighty Company on the cover, and a trendy orange and white PE Nation sports bra, as she discussed how she's finally embraced her curves.

Discussing handling industry weight standards, Kate explained: 'What really helped me deal with the pressure of the fashion industry and having to be a certain weight was taking myself out of that conversation completely.

'Once I started focusing on being strong and doing weight training, I became the size that I needed to be for modeling.

'I changed the battle inside my head to be about strength and having balance in my life instead of fitting into a pair of jeans.'

She added: 'I’m never going to look like somebody who doesn’t have curves. Ultimately, I work really hard to be the best me.'

Kate also told the magazine about her fitness routine, which involves putting a 200 pound bar on her lap as she performs hip thrusts.

'Weight training helps me do that the best. Lifting heavy weights leans you out if you do it the correct way,' she divulged.

The model and actress credits her trainer Ben Bruno with keeping her in model shape.

'When I started training with him, he would say, "Let's put 500 pounds on the sled", and I would immediately say, "I can't do that".

'To me, exercise is about working really hard in the gym to be healthy and feel good and confident about my body.

'I used to work out because I had to. Now I train to be stronger and have energy to enjoy my life. I really like going to the gym because it’s just for me.

'Everybody has those moments when they think, I don’t want to work out; I’m so tired; don’t make me.

'I never shame myself for that. Instead, it’s all about balance. If I want to have a really awesome dinner, I might use that as motivation.'

As for her diet, Kate revealed she maintains her toned curves by sticking to protein and vegetables when it comes to her meal choices.

She said: 'I eat a lot of protein like chicken and tons of greens.

'I'm like a female Popeye: I eat so much spinach that it's insane.'

'I don't like to be starving when I sit down to have a meal, because then I eat too much.

'If I have a little snack and curb my hunger before it gets out of control, I'm able to keep a handle on my diet better.'

Kate has been engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, 34, for 15 months after he popped the question in May 2016.

The couple have been dating since 2011.