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Ville Lumière

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I have two favorite cities in the world, save for my native one of Los Angeles. One of them is London, because it houses the most charming people in the world. But France (and Paris specifically) has had the most massive influence on my art and design.

In any place with that much history, I actively try to seek out the pockets of it that have been somewhat undisturbed, because they tend to tell the greatest stories visually. 

My travels to France played a starring role in the design inspiration behind this first collection. Exploring everything from the vintage typography to the seemingly imaginary spectrum of pastels, I realized the city itself is its own living and breathing entity.

So, here is a glimpse into the photographic journal of my most recent trip to the unrivaled city of Paris.

Take a chance on France.

xxx Jess

Jessie Willner
Jessie Willner


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